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Stress management deals with having the right proactive attitude and building a strong infrastructure with in us, which would help us buffer stress. With the right proactive attitude we can try to identify and eradicate stressors. Plan things in advance, manage time better, set realistic goals and avoid situations, which could bring about stress. Many times it is not possible to eliminate stressors or unfavorable situations in life. With defense building strategies we can lessen the impact of stress and enjoy life to the fullest. Most of these techniques keep us rooted to the present or in the moment and do not allow our minds to go into an irrational chatter.
Calm Sutra recommends the following Stress Busters

Physical activities like stretching, Yoga, aerobics, weight training, swimming, progressive muscle relaxation, breathing exercises, sex, posture training etc

Sports like golf, tennis, table tennis, badminton etc

Art forms like music, dance, painting, gardening etc

Mind activities like meditation, visualization, hypnosis etc,

Dietary drills like meditative eating, balanced eating, good hydration etc

Life enriching measures like vacationing, meaningful friendship, humor, massage etc

The list may go on with many techniques innovated or modified by persons to suit them. You have to choose the method which suits your personality, your body, your mindset, your cultural background or just what you fancy. Some of the techniques like meditation, hypnosis need a particular frame of mind to be effective, where as activities like walking and laughing can be done by anybody. Some of the activities like golf and tennis need the facility and the finance, but visualization and imagery can be done sitting in your drawing room. Yoga, dance and progressive muscle relaxation need training whereas chilling out with good friends just needs some good quality time. As long as you have the resource and the inclination you can choose one, two or all of the above to make life more relaxed and stress free. You can go a step ahead and invent your own method of relaxation.

For detailed descriptions of Stress management techniques, you could refer to
“Calm Sutra, the Art of Relaxation”. Link to buy E book.
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